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  • You're welcome! This is the awesomest FAQ I've ever seen anywhere and when I was getting started with Construct it was my holy book

  • Hi, i've noticed that this FAQ in the sprite section leads to a broken link

    Placing a sprite in the center of the window - LINK


  • This is my First Post ever.

    <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    i look forward to becoming a contributing member to this beautiful site and using it features to learn and progress.

  • Excellent FAQ. Thank you so much for organizing and posting all of this. It really streamlines the task of finding what I need ... and saves more time for making games! :D

  • Since my internet connection is not always at its best, I just finished compiling almost every page linked from this FAQ along with its CAPX's. Too bad it I did this waaay back in build r139 though! But still it's always nice to see them update their topics. Really helpful for newbies like me. <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • This is amazing! This will help me a lot!

    Thank you!

  • Nice post Thanx !!!

  • Excellent list.

    Perhaps include a section on integrating foreign bits of code, for beginners. For instance this:


    There's probably lots of people like me who want to jump ahead and then come back to the simple stuff when they've got a prototype working.

    Maybe even a specific topic for prototyping - as that's really the strong selling point of Construct2.

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  • smallbear: For your first comment, implementing foreign bits of code, that's kind of what the SDK is there for and a dedicated forum exists.

    Nevertheless, SDK isn't "inside" C2 and is more developer oriented than those "extracts"/bits of events you can use within C2 itself.

    For prototyping, I'm not sure exactly what you imply. This FAQ relies on topics in the forums that provide specific examples/questions that people ask/provides.

    One can consider that most of those examples are prototypes or ways to achieve your own prototypes.

  • "This is a technical manual for javascript programmers."

    Says it all really.

    Re: prototyping - well, yes technically, and Twitter and Facebook are also examples of modern literature.

    There are non-tech people who will use Construct to prototype - like me. Make it easy for them and they will come in droves, make it hard (see above) and you undermine the basic premise of making it easier. It's up to the developers really.

    That's what i mean by prototyping - accessible prototyping, not something I can do with a degree in programming in another programming environment anyway.

    I just assumed that was implicit.

  • smallbear: There's no way to "dumb down" the SDK implementation unfortunately, because it is what it is, JavaScript implementing.

    Also, the SDK is not something required to use C2 as almost everything can be done through the events system.

    As any other coding "language" it takes time and practice to get used to it, but C2's event systems lowers greatly the barrier. And if you really need to add some "external" feature through the SDK, the manual introduction gives the first steps to take.

    But you have the learn JavaScript and it's out of the scope of this FAQ.

    I'm sorry, I'm still not sure I fully understand your point on prototyping though.

    C2 is marketed as a quick prototyping tool. But it doesn't prevent users from going through the beginner's tutorials to get the basics of how C2 works and then moving on to "more complicated" programming/concepts.

    And since there is a full section of the website dedicated to those tutorials which are categorised according to the "level" of the users, as well as the regular manual, that's why those aren't listed in this FAQ.

    The FAQ focuses on specifics questions. "How do I realize that specific feature in C2".

  • Kyatric

    Some of the links are broken ;-(

    (e.g. both of the links to the explanations about LERP does not work)

    Think its the new forum things...

  • cvp:

    Explanation of lerp - link

    Even more clarification of LERP - link

    I'll try to see if I can edit the FAQ later, for now it looks like a giant mess I'd rather not get into before having checked with Tom.

    All: In the meantime though, in case some topics seems to miss/be badly linked check the URL (by putting the mouse over) and try to use the name of the topic in the URL in the advanced search (not just regular, be sure to go in advanced) and search for those terms.

    The search engine of the forum is now far more practical and efficient than the old one and can display even the older threads without having to check a special option that most would miss.

  • <div class="post-censorship-notice">vagaev can only post plain text URLS until they have 500 rep. 1 URLS modified. Why?</div>

    vagaev can only post plain text URLS until they have 500 rep. 1 URLS modified. Why?

    I have a good example ( i guess) on how to adapt your game to multiple ipad and iPhone resolutions.

    Here scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php

  • Hi, great page, thanks !

    New tip :

    Category: General/Misc

    Question: Convert rgb(r,g,b) to C2 internal color value

    Link to the answer: https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=160&t=85796

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