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  • error sound when I import (converted to acc, but failed to converted to ogg

  • I'd suggest you to read the manual. The section you're probably looking for is here.

    You can scroll down to see all supported formats and what formats they convert into. Extract from the page " highly recommended you only import PCM .wav files, which are widely supported and can be encoded to both .m4a and .ogg by Construct 2.."

  • i have same problems with Construct 2 r105, is it a bug from this release?

  • i have the same problem with r105 :(

    so i reverted back to r104 and had the same problem.

    i thought it was my windows setup...

    but then i reverted to r103 and all works fine!

    so its definitely a bug with the betas

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  • I am encountering this now, when using .wavs

  • I've had similar issues when importing Audacity-created .wav files. I can manually create and import my own .ogg, though.

  • Meaybe this has to do with the bit-depth and Hz. Wav files can be 48 kHZ (instead of the common most 44.1 kHz), 8, 16, 24 bit...

    What kind did you try to import? Does this happen to all your wave-files? or just some? Works everything fine for me ever since r167.

  • According to Winamp and Contruct 2, the majority of the files I tried were signed 16-bit PCM, 1 Channel, 8000 Hz, with one at 16000 Hz. The 8000 Hz ones failed to convert to OGG, but the 16000 worked fine.

  • Unnatural20: no idea of an ideal solution, but I export always 44.1 kHz, 16bit, stereo (2chan) (CD standard btw). Never had any issues, use music and foley-sounds intensively. I still have the feeleng, it's related...

    I don't think .mp3, .ogg and all that can be 1 channel mono, so that can def. cause problems.

    So if you guys try to save your wave-files or convert it in this Format helps?

  • In my case, at least, the problem is the 8kHz sample rate. Using two different methods I changed the sample rate to 16kHz, and those files were converted to ogg and and m4a correctly.

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