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  • Hi, i�ve been here before asking about layout size, now, what i am making is an R-type kind of game, in such games, the stage scrolls towards the ships whether "right" is pressed or not, but, the player can steer his ship in the confines of the screeen all he wants, it looks like buller and 8-direction combined, can it be done?

    On another note, i cannot get the parallax to work correctly, i have sprites layed out for trees sand such, they scroll past the player but i can�t get them to reappear at the end of the layou, not even with wrap behaviour.

    The layout is quite large, i donp�t want to make it though tiled BG fot=r they wil lbe huge.

    I have nothing set on my capx about it because nothing worked

  • No one?

  • OK, i figured watching gradius that i can have the objects coming towards the ship instead o fhte ship going to them, therefore, they originate outside the window and scroll towards the ship.


    i want to be able to have the ship to fly towards the edges of the screen no just up and down and the behaviour scroll to kinda screws that.

  • Arima

    Hi, io understand you were able to figure it out long ago,

    could you de so kind as to produce an exemplary CAPX?

    Thank you, i am losing my mind here

  • Give the ship you are controlling 8-direction.

    Create an invisible sprite and give it Scroll-To behaviour.

    Have the invisible sprite move right constantly (bullet behaviour or movetowardangle etc)

    Result: You can move the ship around the screen in 8-direction. There is a camera moving right constantly.

  • Thx plinkie, i did that but the issue is that the ship is able to go outside the visible screen if steered to the front, i tried to have invisible sprites attached to the camera sprite but the back one intercepts the ship and the fron one vanishes even if pinned

  • Bound to layout behaviour doesn't work?

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  • I would recommend using system scroll to action instead of scrollto behaviour. This gives you far greater control over what happens onscreen.

    Adding conditions for what happens when ship is further than the camera sprite.

  • - No, for the layout is bigger than the viewing camera

  • I dont really get what you mean, but I made a scrolling shooter long ago. Dont know if it's even close to what you mean.

  • The invisible sprites pinned to the camera should work, just make sure you have collision disabled and then enable the collision when the ship collides with the border.

  • i made it with two solid sprites one back and one front, ship is bound to layout so it wont go outside downwards and upwards, i did not pinned them, i achored them on a layer with no parallax, what is the benefit on disabling and enabling collisions?

  • So the invisible sprites don't get stuck on other stuff in the level and they only ever block the player. It can be done many ways.

  • Create an invisible bar(titled background)and place it along the top,bottom,left and right of the screen, set it on another layer that is set to 0,0 parallax. It should stay put and have it collidable with your ship to shop it passing through.

    Hope this helps

    Edit: i see im too late

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