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  • Hello.

    I have problems with optimalization on mobile devices and whole thing is strange to me that's why i decided to ask for help.

    I tested my game on 2 devices, one is a 10" tablet, 4 x 1 ghz cores and 2 gb of ram - game lags.

    Second is samsung galaxy young older version 530something with 800 mhz cpu and 360 mb ram - game works perfectly.

    I created 2 versions of my game one with some physics - maximum 5 objects at once and second version with physics objects replaced with bullet behaviors. On 10" tablet version with only bullet behaviors works a little bit better in my opinion but still lags and on this super low cost cell phone - samusng galaxy young version with physics feels a little, little bit better but both versions works smooth and without any lag. That was a big surprise for me. I understand that 320x240 or so resolution on samsung galaxy young can't be compared to more than full hd on 10" tablet but my game is 480x800 resolution. Does scaling it up takes so much power? Or maybe infrastructure of older arm 7 on tablet is so much less efficient than whatever is inside this samsung?

    Construction of the game:

    3 scrolling background images with resolution 480x2000 - is this the problem? I had them with resolution 480x4000 on the beginning and cropped it to 2k width with little or no effect to game speed on tablet. Both 4k and 2k resolution backgrounds versions of the game works perfectly on samsung. Front view is filled with randomly spawned small plants objects - maximum of 3 visible at the same time. I did it to avoid huge transparent pixels areas. Player is a 32x64 11 frames animation with collision of a box shape + two particle effect with particle count set to 30. One is a constant spray and one is a burst every 0,5 sec or so. Particles are 8x8 pixels. Other objects with bullet behavior = around 15 with bounding box set to triangle or square + 5 objects with physics behavior that disappear quickly - 0.2 to 0.3 sec. Other things to mention, i didn't use any every thick events, everything is destroyed outside the layout. Total object count is around 30 maximum.

    Question one - why it works so much better on samsung? Question two - what can i do to make it run smoothly on tablet without cropping and cropping and cutting and cutting till almost nothing is left?

    Any suggestions are more than greatly appreciated and thank you for reading.

    I forgot to mention i used intel crosswalk and im afraid it will be much slower with ludei.

  • Wow, i read all that and then no replies yet.. oh well i hope someone has some experience with phone performance issues and gives you a good response.

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  • Not all of browser/phone/rom running html5 as well

    You should try them all on same browser eg:Chrome

    BUt...ill suggest you to use IntelXDK Crosswalk build you app( ... -crosswalk)

    It will make your game run faster

  • Hello guys.

    I tried to fix all this by my own and after more than week i was able to lets say make it run on tablet.

    What i did basically was cut, cut, cut till almost nothing left and this is the sad part.

    From my experience right now i can say that code itself for a small game has no impact on game speed. I tried to put everything as short as possible and almost all runs in subevents now but that had no effect on speed.

    From the beginning my debug mode showed stats like

    Objects count 40

    Collision checks/sec around 1500 - 1700

    Poly checks/sec 600 - 700

    Now my stats are

    Objects 17-20

    Collision checks/sec 600-700

    Poly checks/sec 250-350

    And after this game finally works not to mention that i cut out 4 backgrounds from 2000 pixels to 1000 and merged them to two.

    I'm still looking for help from someone that has experience in this matter. I used both crosswalk and cooconjs to export my apks and i need to say that sadly cooconjs is faster - 10 frames per second faster. Right now my problem is rather frustrating. On Cocconjs when i compile my project no matter what settings i use in construct and ludei website game comes with bottom android control bar and i can't make it run fullscreen + whatever i choose "Scale to fit" or "Scale to fill" it always behaves like scale outer mode and it's adding extra pixels on the left side of the screen. Game is in 480x800 resolution and tablet i have right now use the same resolution. I think problem is in the control bar that don't disappear. On crosswalk there is no problem with resolution and it scales good but there is no sound and game works slow. So whatever i use i don't get the whole package. Right now im super tired of this sh*t, i never expected to fail on end struggling with compilers rather than game itself. I'm still asking for help so if anyone that reads this post has any ideas how to fix my problems, please reply. Thanks for reading and for your time.

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