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  • I wanted to create a game where obstacles come according to the beats of a music track and the user can use his own tracks, because i dont have any licence for music tracks.

    Will it be possible in Construct 2 and how ?

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  • Think you can do it, exactly how to do it, depends on the game you are making. But you can work with elements of the sounds, like peak, frequency, volume etc.

    Exactly how they work I don't know, as I haven't tried something like this before. But I would imagine, that if you use these an link the values that they return to some kind of obstacle creator it might be possible.

  • A good place to start would be to find the Audio analyser example in Programs Files\Contruct2\examples folder. It has an example of the analyser playing a looping music track. If you then go to the manual and search for "analyser" it will give you the link to the information on all the features. Study the "Audio actions: Effects" and the "Audio expressions" sections along with the example capx and it will give you some ideas on how to approach the project.

    I have yet to test my theory, but I think by using the Analyser Effect, you can isolate frequency and their peaks to trigger events. The example demonstrates this using the blue sprite changing its height as the track plays. I do not fully understand everything that is going on and have to Google some of the terminology used because the manual is not designed as a tutorial in sound engineering. Hope this helps as a starting place. I have not had time to get very far with my project yet, so I cannot give you any more guidance at this time. Good luck with your project. I will post my findings as I make progress on find the time to develop a solution for my theoretical idea for creating triggers using sound tracks.

  • I looked into the Audio Analyser file, but did not understand much. I will look into it latter on.

    Thanks a lot, i did not know about that file.

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