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  • Well I was searching for a way to build platformers and found a cool tutorial on this site. I've done the animations and stuff like that but the problem is that my tiles dissapear a moment the game is launched.

    NOTE: In the video below you will see that everything is placed but I skipped a part beacuse my internet explorer, as soon it starts up closes. So I have to copy that localhost thing into google chrome. Do you think that might be the problem ?

    Video :


    Anyways thanks in advance to all of ya, tarik00555.

  • Rather than a video, consider posting your capx so that other may check the way you setted your project and if they experience the same issue.

    First thing, I'd recommand to use either firefox or chrome as browsers.

    IE is not up to the task of HTML5 gaming as its competitors.

    Secondly make sure your graphic drivers are up to date.

    AS for the project itself, hard to say without the capx, I'd advise you to check the layout/layers scale (the character appears far smaller in preview, but once again I don't know your settings). Check also the visibility of the layers, the parallax settings so that they are coherent.

    Make sure the objects are on the top layer, that this layer is visible and that their property "Initial visibility" is set to "Visible"

  • Is your issue limited to IE only?

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  • I've resolved the problem it appears that Construct accepts only GIF format. Silly me...

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