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  • Hello, im new to construct 2, I have a lot of questions about how to use the program as well as its the way it works, and its limitations / capabilities

    I am a flash game dev looking for something new,

    I like how construct can have hundreds of bouncing bullets/ things happening, if you tried to do this in flash it would just lag up a storm.

    1: How much money would you say you make off of construct games, and how? I am very excited about construct but I want it to be worth my time ^_^

    2: Arrays and AI, I cant quite seem to figure out how to get AI to move to waypoints, I want random movement but i dont just want AI running into walls

    i dont really see a way for it to pick randomly between objects, and go towards one when you make a new ''array'' all you can seem to do is make individual variables, its not very easy to plug in a lot of data fast in this manner =/

    3: animations: do you have to import a completely new graphic to animate? it doesnt seem like there is a way to animate things in construct, this seems like it might

    make for big file sizes, and is also a tad complicated

    4: Gradually fade alpha, I dont seem to see a way to gradually fade the alpha ( the opacity), its just set opactiy to #

    5: I didnt actually look on the forums yet for this one but, is there a way to make save function for RPGS ?

    Sorry if some of these are already answered on the forum, I made a quick look and didnt find what I needed.

  • oh, and in the parallax example it didnt really explain HOW it did this XD

    it says it scrolls the background at 30% your moving speed but i couldnt figure out WHERE it was doing this

  • one last question, in the free edition it seems like my tools might be limited ( ie the behavior types I can add to something)

    I looked at the standard, business edition examples it didnt explain if it had more of these types of things

  • 1) I'd have to say this depends entirely on the game and your marketing abilities. C2 games can reach numerous platforms (though not very well at this point in time) so you might expect to see more possibilities regarding the monetization of your game than you would with other game makers.

    2) Eh?

    3) There are no image editor tools as of yet, so you will have to import your finished graphics. You can import all of your frames and animate in the editor though, and there are some nifty features to go along with it.

    4)You can set an object's opacity to its current opacity and then adjust it as you want e.g.

    +Every Tick

    -Set object's opacity to Self.opacity-60*dt

    This will have the object slowly fade out. There's also a fade behavior but I've never used it.

    5)Yes, using webstorage and other plugins, but I haven't messed with them much. Save data for browser games is not great from what I've seen.

    6)Select a layer in the layout editor, then check out the properties at the left side.

    7) To my knowledge the free edition only limits layers, events, and some other more trivial things.

    Finally, be sure to check out the manual and take your time looking around the forums!

  • i suggest to read the forums first man, start doing ALL tutorials and all your questions will be answered.

    1. How much money will you make ?

    All depends on your skills and marketing

    2. Im not sure if i understand your question, but you can program AI without arrays

    3. Animations have to be edited outside construct, there's enough tools to do so. Animations happen with frames, you can make a ragdoll though

    4. Use variables and events for the gradually fading

    5. What is RPGS ?

    Free edition gives you 100 events and 4 layers as limit

  • 5: RPGS is RPG's = Role Playing Games

  • lol sorry, ofc i know that, wsn't too sure about that S :p

    yes it is possible, like Tokinsom mentioned above

    webstorage saves in your browsers cache if i'm not mistaking

  • Hello thanks for the replies, looking at all of the great tutorials right now

    but here is a question i dont think a tutorial can answere

    How much stuff can i put in agame? how big can the file get? in the flash game world you dont want an SWF ( the file that runs the game) to be more than 5 MB, players get discouraged easily and want quick

    loading times.

    and if its 10 MB you are even less likely to get sponsored anywhere.

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  • I think you just answered your own question lol. You can put as much as you want in your game but yeah, the more you have the longer it will take to load.

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