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  • I`m trying to make an animated sprite in the sprite animation editor but without an onion skinning option it makes it very difficult.

    So I`m guessing I have to make the animations in a different program then import all the frames?

    So for that I also need a program that can test the animations before importing them, or else it would take forever to have to import the images every single time I want to test an animation.

    So I found a program that would do that (GraphicsGale) but now the problem is that I can't get rid of the white background that the sprites are drawn on.

    Can someone point me in the right direction for how I'm supposed to make animated sprites without too much hassle?


  • Maako use this tutorial to see how to do your animations

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/936/an ... dobe-flash

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  • Hey Lordshiva thanks for the reply.

    I've tried flash I still have the problem of having the white background.

    Also buying the full version I'm pretty sure is several hundred dollars and I was hoping to not have to spend that kind of money right now. Especially since I would be paying several hundred dollars just to make pixelated animations for Construct when simple onion skinning would solve my problem right away.

  • Ok so what I'm doing now is basically using the animation editor in Multimedia Fusion 2. It has onion skinning and no white background. Then I'm just exporting the frames.

    This is kind of frustrating. I switched from MMF to Construct because Construct just seems more powerful and has way more options. But Construct's animation editor doesn't even have an animation tester...so far this is my only complaint but I'm still kind of frustrated about it.

    If anyone knows of any simpler solutions I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Are you making use of Construct 2's "Open In External Editor" function at all? I do anything beyond basic image editing in Paint Shop Pro, where I do my onionskinning manually (via making layers transparent)

  • Unnatural20 this person is right you could do this way as well

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