How do I handle canceling a fb share popup from Clay.IO?

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  • Hi there,

    I'm exploring Clay.IO which seems very powerful and full featured.. I'm new to it and know very little about it. I've got a game uploaded pending publishing but it's not using any Clay features just yet.. that's next.

    I was able to get a share popup to occur which is cool, it works and that's always exciting to see. However what I'm noticing is that I don't see any way to capture an action if the player clicks the X button to make the popup go away.

    If I click the X... it just goes away and i'm stuck in the "post" layout view i created (just easier than doing a bunch of UI disabling).. The popup is not dynamic so the idea of hiding some kind of invisible clickthough button behind the X to do a "go to layout" command would not work.

    I'm just not sure where I would "listen" for the X being clicked so I could take the appropriate next action.



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  • Bump, has anyone used Clay.IO to any extent? There are many popups that can be accessed it seems. When an X is clicked.. how do you capture that action in order to take another step?

    it's not just facebook share.. look at the login screen.. there is an X in the upper right corner.. if you click that x the window goes away and it also doesn't stop click through from happening (stuff behind it on the C2 canvas respond to the click as well.

    it seems like there must be some way to indicate that a Clay.IO popup has been canceled rather than one of the popup options clicked.

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