How do I Grab one object..but only 1???

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  • I m making some kind of game where the player have to go to pick some objects (pinn..) and put it in a certain place...the problem is that my player can grab multiple objects while is already holding one...the idea is to pick one and go to the place to deliver/put it....then go back and pick another one. From 1 on 1...

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  • good timing for this question. I just got some great help regarding this kind of behavior. What you're looking for is "pick nearest". There is a demo capx file at the end of the first page. i'm still not comfortable with the technique myself, but it should address your problem.

  • Just off the top of my head, could you set a Global variable so that "push 'X', if (global variable) = 0 then pick up item and set Global variable to 1, else do nothing? The reverse logic would be used for dropping items.

    Would something like that work?

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