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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to implement the google play scoreboards with the cocoon plugin but i don't get any response from "show scoreboard" or "submit score" functions, i have the "on success" and "on fail" events for both and its like the code is never reached.

    -I have premium account in cocoonjs

    -I filled the app ID with the number that appears next to the game services name, its a 12 digit number, is correct?

    Someone know where is the problem?

    I have in-app purchases too and this part seems to work fine.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Are you mixing up "Game Center (apple)" with Google Play? The plugin lets you set Game Center, the cloud compiler lets you configure Google Play services... I am not sure if the plugin actually supports Google Play Services yet...

  • Uhm... maybe its the plugin, but in the configuration of cocoonjs i can tell if i want to configure game center or Google play services, and its the same case in "in-app" purchases and works fine, so i don't know.

    I need some clarification because in my game, the online scoreboard is important :(

    PD: The plugin is done by scirra or by ludei?

  • ByR: The plugin is made by Ludei. Don't even bother about this, because they won't update the plugin anytime soon. They ignore C2 developers anyway. An alternative would be to use's leaderboards.

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