How do I use Google Play Save Game feature in C2?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I wanted to know is there any possible way to use the google play save game service in my game in c2?

    Thank you

  • Anyone???

  • me too looking for the solution but no success till now.

  • jatin1726

    this is not done... it is a really important feature like many others like complete facebook integration and construct 2 forum is ignoring this for a long time,

    don't you feel that if they want to make c2 the best 2d game engine ever, then these features should be provided first by them ,these features has been due for a long time for now.

    and even there are a lot of posts in the forum about demanding these features ,still no work has been done in these direction, not even a hint that its going to come soon or ever......

    it is not right to just ignore these requests and atleast they should acknowledge and reply them at-least !

  • P.S also, you cannot make a huge game without availability of these features, in that sense, c2 is far- far away from being the best and easy program , it is a great engine and i respect the hard-work they have put in it , but unless they provide us these essential and user engaging tools like google play save game and a complete fb integration, then we will never get a top chart game from any store, even if your idea is great, you need to keep up with the current market demands and right now c2 is not proving all those , in fact they should be the first to provide the new features coming from google play store proving us with new opportunities to grab before it becomes outdated soon.

  • I Agree with you shubhamrathi. I have paid for the licence but all the features are missing fg login , google login scoreboard. We have to depend lot on additional plugins to get the work done. Please Ashley look into this.

  • jatin1726

    I really hope that someone from scirra's development team is looking and will reply on this.

    Otherwise it means they just want to ignore the demands and genuine request we are making in order to get the most out of construct 2 and will provide us with new opportunities to take advantage of,

    Also it is important for the team to know that if we keep up with the new opportunities ie. if scirra will provide new features in c2 , we are more likely to succeed in game development and in return users will be glad to give a huge credit to c2 team as it has game my imaginations a platform BUT WE NEED TO KEEP UP WITH NEW OPPORTUNITIES LIKE PROPER GOOGLE PLAY AND FACEBOOK INTEGRATION IN ORDER TO SO!

  • Hello, could anybody from scirra respond to this thread please? Thank you

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  • MarC2

    This was the original request post i found for this and they have not replied to it either

    No one from scirra team wants to take this seriously!

    I think we have to live with what we have got and make the best out of it anyway ! :p

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