Google Leaderboard with scores not working

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  • For the record I have 6 Achievements setup and working for myself and others. [UPDATE - turns out the Achieves aren't getting sent either]

    The leaderboard on the other hand has taken me from v1.2.5 up to v1.3.7 with no luck as of yet.

    Using the latest version of the plugins in Construct 2. CocoonAds, CocoonCanvasplus, CocoonGooglePlayGames. Project plugins includes: cocoon-plugin-social-android-googleplaygames WITH Name: "APP_ID" Value: (12 digit int from the Games Services page, triple checked)

    In the Dev Console I can see that my app is linked with the leaderboard.

    Leaderboard ID is stored as a Variable.

    When my app runs "CocoonGooglePlayGames | Open Leaderboards" It opens up the normal pink google screen with correct leaderboard name and icon from the google developer console games service page. However it does not show any times on the leaderboard. It just has the.. "be the first to submit a score etc.."

    So it's pulling the right leaderboard (ID is correct) but it refuses to submit scores to it.

    The player has a bunch of scores set in an array, which I've tested and checked a million times.

    I store the top score in a Variable and use "CocoonGooglePlayGames | Request player score"

    "On request score success"

    if ArrayScores.At(0) < CocoonGooglePlayGames.PlayerScore set ArrayScores to CocoonGooglePlayGames.PlayerScore

    else Submit score "TopScore" to specified leaderboard "LeaderboardID"

    Parameters for GooglePlayGames: Request player score.

    In the tip above where you enter your leaderboard, it say's e.g. "My Game Name".

    Does this mean you enter your or your Games Services ID... cause I assumed it meant your Leaderboard ID e.g. "Cgk####_lb########"

    The example capx provided by cocoon has LEADERBOARD_ID as the field for Request player score

  • Same issue. please let me know if you get the answers I can't seem to work out score submitting either.


  • I managed to submit a score earlier today from the same google account I published the app from. I can't get it to work from any other accounts.

    I turned the tamper protection option off. There's a few posts out there pointing the finger at this option causing players to not be able to interact with leaderboards.

    I'm still at a loss as to whats causing the issue. I'm basically going around in circles rewriting my code waiting for something to work.

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  • Draimond - Thanks

  • It may help others to know my method of getting scores submitted. (even though it only works when I'm signed in with the same account I used to publish)

    By the way, from my very limited experience, I get the sense that when you make a change in the Dev Console, wait 24 to 48 hours before you see the effects.

    On start & is Canvas+ | Request Sign in

    On Sign in Success | Request Leaderboard Score

    On Sign in Fail | (assume they're offline)

    On Request Score Success | (compare local score with Leaderboard Score) This won't work unless they already have a Score on the leaderboard

    If Local Score > Leaderboard Score | Submit Score

    Else | Set Local Score to Leaderboard Score

    On Request Score Fail | Submit Score - It won't return a 0, it'll just fail, so new users will get this. Post a score and move on (hopefully)

    On Submit Success | (refresh data etc)

    On Submit Score Fail | (troll forums)

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