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  • I followed the "Publishing to Google Chrome Store" tutorial today and successfully exported "as Chrome Web Store" from Construct2. Everything looked OK from Constructs end and Google Chrome Store end but when I install the app and launch it I get a black screen and these errors. They appear in Chrome using Developers Tools on the Console tab. I tried un-mini-fying but that didn't work. The file-"jquery.min.js" is not in the .zip file, instead the file "jquery-1.7.1.min.js" is there. I tried renaming it and re-zipping but no love there either. Anybody have this same issue?

    Failed to load resource--chrome-extension://

    Uncaught ReferenceError: log is not defined--c2runtime.js:147

  • I tried it again but this time I exported it as a "Hosted App" and it works fine. Not sure why it won't work as a "packaged app" though...

  • It's a known bug in r81. You should stay up to date, try r83, we fixed it already.

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  • Well shoot! I was going to upgrade after this exercise...

    Thanks Ashley!

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