How do I make a global/online counter of scores

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  • Hi everyone

    I need your help because I would like to create a online global score and each time a player plays, it change the online score.

    I explain:

    I'm making a game where the goal is to destroy as many bubbles as possible. And I would like, everytime someone plays, to substract his score to the overall figure and to display on the menu screen:

    • A global figure (/counter) in real time with all the sustractions of all the players
    • The total of all the bubbles destroyed (=score) by the player

    It's exactly the same then to have a online variable adding all the scores of all the players (instead here, we are subtracting ^^)

    So I guess I have to link the game to an online counter but I don't really know how to do that... So if you could help me, that would be great (and idealy, it will work both on web browser and mobile).

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hey Pixel, check out Arcaded's tutorial on setting up an online highscore table. It will be a good place to start.

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