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  • I intend to have an array of empty sprite boxes in my Facebook Game that will show images of the player's friends that he can invite to play the game.

    But, I'm stuck...

    Is there a way to get a list of Facebook friends belonging to the player?

    I have tried looking at the problem this way:

    1. I looked through the available Facebook actions, conditions, and expressions and realized there was no way to access the friends list. Also, I am not interested in the Score API output for now.

    2. I was hoping to use the AJAX plugin to send a Request URL to "https:/". And then I realize I had no way to glean the Access Token.

    3. I looked through the js code for Facebook and realized I would have to make quite substantial changes.

    Is there a way to retrieve the friends list in another way?

    What is the current picture like for a solution to this problem in the next few patches for C2?



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  • I had posted a Facebook plugin recently that includes the user access token. I'm on my iPad so I can't offer a link to it at the moment. Go into the plugin section and scroll down I think I titled it facebook 2 or something. It's just an updated version of the standard.

  • ^ Here's lanceal's plugin

  • Thanks!

    This plugin works like a charm! At least there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

    I hope these features gets incorporated into C2 soon. LANCEAL should be working for Scirra.

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  • just remember, those tokens expire around every two hours. So update the tokens before they expire if you expect people to be logged in longer then that.

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