How do I use a gamepad with Chrome (or at all!)?

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  • I'm having trouble getting the gamepad input to function properly. I downloaded someone's "Xbox Controller Test" capx from the "how do I get the gamepad to work rightly" thread (thank you, by the way!), and no inputs showed any results.

    I am using ds4 Windows as I don't have a true Xbox controller, which might be a problem, but it's worked fine with everything else I've used it for (Minecraft Windows 10 and original Minecraft with a custom button layout).

    Can anybody help?

  • I have no idea about "ds4", but with regular controllers it works in Chrome.

  • Huh. Okay. Downloaded Firefox just now; trying it there.

    ds4 Windows is a program that translates dualshock 4 input into Xbox, so in theory it should work on this, but it's not.

    EDIT: Weird. After downloading Ff, it works on Chrome.

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  • There are a few oddities with controllers.

    I have tested a few and interestingly, as long as it was some sort of "360"-style pad *and had a cable*, it worked right away.

    Everything else was borderline problematic, as soon as it was wireless. Even with windows drivers, they sometimes just would not work with browser based stuff.

    That said.. while testing you always have to remember that a user interaction is required to fire up the controller in the browser. On start of layout it won't be visible, for security reasons (so that a malicious website cannot identify users by their various controller setups). Only after the first button has been pressed they show up.

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