How do I make my gameover like flappy bird

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  • hey im making a new flappy bird game i almost finished it i just want to know how can i make the game stop when i lose and get the game over , highscore and score appear like flappy bird game exactly same when i lose

  • Call a Game Over layout when you lose. Use the Webstorage object to save a highscore and compare current score with it to check if you have a new highscore.

    This tutorial teaches the basics of Webstorage: ... nformation

  • thanks for info but what i mean i want the game to stop when i lose then make the gameover and the score and retry button appear all in the same layout exactly like flappy bird im looking everywhere but i can't find anything any help would be appreciated

  • So I guess your game is over when the bird hits the Obstacle.

    So now create "EVENT" Bird is in collision with another object (Pipe)

    Create these Actions

    Action 1: Stopping the Controls:

    Organize all your events correctly. Now create all your control events together or in a group. (You can add groups by right clicking on the event and create group). Now lets say that you have created a group and all your control event in that group. When the bird hits the Pipe you can now deactivate the Group by SYSTEM --> Set Group Active --> Deactivated. So now your controls will stop working and Start new animation called "Fall" (where the bird is falling down).

    Creating a Game Over Sheet: Create a Game over sprites in a separate layer. Create these event

    Action - Set Layer (Game Over) visibility to "Visible".

    Okay I know what you think. Isn't this layer visible from the beginning, Yes so create this above

    Event - On start of layout - Action - Set Game Over Layer visibility "Invisible"

    Hope this helps.

  • thanks this helped alot can u tell me how can i make my floor a solid

  • Create a sprite for floor, and on left side open behavior and add solid behavior.

  • this will probably be the last question on start of the game how can i pause everything but make the bird animated as if its flying then start the game when i tap on it like flappy bird thank you bro u helped alot

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  • Can you post capx mate

  • i posted it and i hope u can make the start and gameover like flappy bird im a beginner so u could help me out alot thanks and do u have skype?

  • I am just using through mobile now. Will definitely check and update soon.

  • ok thanks tell me when you finish

  • I at work so In half a day

  • thanks tell me when you're done with it

  • i want it so i can update it in the store i have published it already so please tell me when you finish it thanks alot

  • Beast97 First thing I would suggest is reducing the repeated events. Instead of adding "Bird is overlapping with top pipe and its action then Bird is overlapping with bottom pipe and its action and all. You can just add sub conditions. Check the image below.

    What exactly you need from here. Its already done. Score layout is not connected that's why it is not visible. I am sorry, as I am on the run, I could not settle down with your file. so created a simple file with simple sprites.

    Here I have create all the sprites, texts related to the socre or game over in new layer called game over. Click the layer and set the initial visibility to Invisible on the left. So, as the collision happen with any obstacle, set this layer visibility to Visible. It's simple. you can place your score text there.

    Hope this helps...

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