How do I make my gameover like flappy bird

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  • hey i want to ask you last thing i finished the gameover and eveything i just want to know in start of layout how can i keep my bird flying until i tap on him then he starts jumping?? thanksvery much for your help.

  • Method 1

    Add a new animation "Flying" in the animation bar. Add its frames in the animation frames panel.


    On start of layout


    Bird start animation "Flying"


    On mouse click on the bird


    Bird start new animation (this animation could be the one which you use for game running).

    Method 2

    Instead of one sprite two animations. Have two sprites and once you tap the first sprite hide it and use second sprite.

  • it doesnt work i tried he keeps falling when i start i want him to stay in the air

  • can u tell me how can i keep him in the air without falling i tried everything u said

  • Explain which method did you follow and what exactly did you do.

  • i used method 1 and what i mean is i want to keep the joker like this when i start the game freezed until i tap on him .

  • hey i figured out thank you anyway i have another problem.... when my bird or joker die and when i deactivate everything also the pipes will stop after 1 second and will duplicate once again and it will ruin the game over after the game ends

  • I don't understand your question.

    After the game over, everything deactivated...what happens?

  • when the game stops everything also stops except the pipes they duplicate once or twice then they get deactivated

  • I can't use construct 2 currently but will check your capx soon.

    Mean while the problem might have been in the way you organized the event. So check event whether you needs to rearrange. I will check soon.

  • hey i uploaded the photo check it so you can know what i mean when the pipes duplicate when everything stops and it need 1 second to stop duplicating again

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  • Post your current capx

  • its the same as the old one i want you to die while playing then see what happens to the pipes while every group is deactivated

  • Upload capx again. I don't have the old one

  • ok i uploaded the file i want you to jump until you get to the pipes and die next to them after everyhting stops they will duplicate once or twice in the same position

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