Does the GameCenter plugin work at all?

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  • It's been days trying to figure out this problems that I've been having. On the start of the first layout which is the main menu, I tried authenticating the game center User. But nothing shows up, I even tried creating a button where when players tap it, it authenticate the user. But when I tested it, it still doesn't work for me.

    I used cordova to export the project and IntelXDK to compile the game, I used the default game center plugin provided in construct2. I even logged on to the game center using my sandbox account that I've signed for...

    Is there anyone out there who could give me a hand with this...?

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  • Was having trouble with Gamecenter too but I literally just got it working myself! Looks like you're going through the same process as I am, with exporting from Construct as Cordova and then using XDK after that. It wasn't working for me and I read that I should be seeing a Sandbox setting in the Gamecenter settings. But that wasn't there. I then read about the Testflight app and wasn't sure if it was the solution, but I installed it anyway and after that the Sandbox setting appeared, which I then switched on.

    So I then loaded up my game and Gamecenter asked for authentication! I logged in, which then made the leaderboard show up once I clicked my leaderboard button.

    So try what I did if you haven't already. And it may seem like a stupid question but you are actually testing on an iOS device right?

    Edit: I may also add that I'm using the Adhoc profile and installing the game with iTunes, don't know if that would make a difference though.

  • Looks like I am goin thru the same process as you did. I'm gonna try it now and see for myself if it works. And yes I tested in my iPhone 5

  • Hello guys,

    Do you know a good tutorial on how to use the GameCenter plugin from Scirra?

    I googled it, but I can't find one. I only see tutorials for other Cordova or CocconJS plugins...

    I really want to try using Scirra's GameCenter things in order to create following:

    • Authenticate User;
    • Save datas;
    • Add a leaderboard feature;
    • Add some achievements.

    Thanks in advance.



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