How do I Freeze the game except for a single animation?

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  • Whenever one object, let's call it a bear, touches another object that will "kill" it I would like for the the entire game to freeze except for the bear. Whenever the game is frozen I would like the bear show a quick animation and then move across the screen to its starting location. After the bear is in the starting position I would like the game to unfreeze and continue as normal.

    Is there a way for this to be done in Construct 2?

  • Put all the objects you want into a Family, if it's a lot, and set the time scale for the 0.0 when you trigger the animation and reset it.1.0 when animation ends.

  • TheDom what do you mean "set the time scale"? The animation set speed? Or is there a per object time scale somewhere? The only time scale I know about is under System conditions and acts globally.

  • System has a 'Set object time scale' and 'Restore object time scale'.

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  • System has a 'Set object time scale' and 'Restore object time scale'.

    Duh! This part of the monitor was in by blind spot I guess

    Thanks blackhornet ! Very useful in combination with the Family's suggestion that TheDom makes!

  • girroucho What I did in mine is just as TheDom suggested.

    I set the time scale to 0.0 and the object I still want to move (in my case a particle generator) to have its object time scale set to 1.0.

    You find this in the System events. It is really usefull for when you want to do cool combinations line slow downs speed ups and "freezes" on objects or players. Play around a little with it it's quite fun.

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