How do I fix my roguelike level generation

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  • Hi!

    I've started to build my first roguelike mini-game, guided by well-known tutorial on Scirra:

    But I met some issues listed below:

    1. I have implemented a "Fake 3D" look of "wall" tiles that doesn't overlap the next tile below itself. It works inside the dungeon, but for some reasons it doesn't works for those tiles that borders with exactly same tiles that surrounds dungeon. I've broken my head of it already. Screenshot:

    2. Are there any possible ways to improve the look of "wall" tiles, to surraund the dungeon edges by "border-tiles" and make it more like walls on screenshot attached? How to check that it is a "border-tile" for the left / right / top / bottom wall and set a neccessary animation frame? Screenshot:

    3. The dungeon can't be generated when the layout is restarted after destoying of the player. Instead of new random dungeon I receives the whole screen tiled by walls and the "room" objects. Screenshot:

    Also here is the .CAPX:

    Any advice - I will appreciate much!

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  • The auto generate the tiles, use Bitmasking.

    Here very well explained: ... -cms-25673

    Here are 2 examples in C2 script:


    Here is a simple tutorial explaining the basics. ... ise-method

    Its true, that tutorial can not be generated on a layout restart. That is because of the tickcount = ? conditions.

    Ticks keep on counting.

    That tutorial is excellent in explaining how the basics work. But i dont think the result is really the way to go. It ends up with to many sprites, (my opinion) a workable model should be done with Tilemaps.

    Consider this plugin ? roguelike-plugin-c2-rot-js-interface_t118452

  • Consider this plugin ?

    Thank you so much for the links, I'm going to learn it right now!

    P.S. I've tried this plugin but it has few cons like fixed width of the hallways and I don't yet understand how to make "fake 3D look" of the front walls.

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