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  • hello,

    I use the platform behavior and have modified it a bit, here is the problem:

    When walking LEFT and touching a wall the player start to bounce and if its just a block infront of him when he walks to the left then he will magically walk over it.

    I have the exact same collision box for walking left and right so its not that.

    Also, I used Stencyl before but stopped using it since that software involve file breaking bugs, basically all of a sudden my game file stopped working.

    So I just want to ask if Files can break in C2, and if so, what to do to prevent it?

    Best Regards Wonamik

  • hello,

    So I just want to ask if Files can break in C2, and if so, what to do to prevent it?

    Best Regards Wonamik

    use auto-save and backup;

    and external backup (dropbox, etc)

    But no, C2 does not generally trash your files.

  • > hello,


    > So I just want to ask if Files can break in C2, and if so, what to do to prevent it?


    > Best Regards Wonamik


    use auto-save and backup;

    and external backup (dropbox, etc)

    But no, C2 does not generally trash your files.

    Ok, good thank you

    Also can someone please help me with my platform problem ? >

  • Maybe the capx could help better than words

  • Maybe the capx could help better than words

    I understand, I will try remove some stuff and put it up later.

    But right now I have another "problem".

    First of all it started with me accidently had C2 crash, and after that I added tiles and all but when loading the game it reallllly gets stuck between 54% and 64%

    everything else loads in like 1 sec but this is like 1 minute. Is that normal?

    And then to the big problem, all of a sudden the game started running slow as hell when testing it, without having added anything that could have caused this.

    So I tryed debug it and when debugging it now it was just as slow but then when testing it normal again it runs perfect at 60fps. I have added an image of this, I am very confused. Also before the game would take up almost the whole screen when testing it and now its always half the size for some reason, could anyone explain why and how to change it back?

    I make this game for Wii U, phones and possibly desktop app, so the game wont be played in a browser.

    Best Regards Wonamik

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  • The window size is the same as its always been 1920, 1080. But for some reason when exporting it or testing the game its only half sized. Please help me solve this.

  • Now I started working on the second layout, and for some reason the first layout is running at only 30fps now even when not in debugging, And I havent changed ANYTHING in that layout so how is this possible? and it says it only uses like 4% of the cpu, please help me solve this I dont understand anything right now.

  • also the second layout is running at only 30fps. please help me solve this and the window size problem guys.

    Best Regards Wonamik

  • Your collision checks seem a bit high..

  • I use Sprites with Solid Behavior to create the stage, could that be it? but also it says it only use 4% of the cpu so why is this happening? and what about the window size? and most confusing is that from time to time it runs perfect, then it starts lagging like hell without I had added anything new.

    Please help me

    Best Regards Wonamik

  • Like now, now it runs perfectly again....I dont understand, someone please help me. This is extremly weird and I am making a BIG game and is going to spend over a year on it so I want to solve the problem ASAP, so it dont come back and bite me in the ass a couple of months from now...thats what happend with Stencyl:(.

  • Well I see you have around 460 objects on your layout and an extremely high collision-count..

    I'm not sure why you'd need 156 of the same tile objects, but there might be some logic behind that..

    Also you should check if you aren't creating new objects every tick or are checking things every tick that could be checked less often..

    Without seeing the capx, I don't think I can give more info..

    Could be your events, could be the amount of objects, could be the memory size of the objects..

  • Here is the capx, thank you so much for trying to help me, I really appreciate it. hope you can find whats wrong now <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Also, IF you can figure out why he is glitching out when walking into a wall from the left it would be nice, but the fps and screen size is whats mose important.

    Thank you very much.

  • Ok, at first glance there are very many issues..

    The hero event sheet can be a lot shorter when using subevents..

    Most system every tick conditions are useless, because if they weren't there the conditions following would be checked every tick anyway..

    You are not optimizing your images..

    For what you are trying to do, using the tilemap object and or tiledbackground and or 9-patch would be much better than 140 of the same sprite on screen..

    This also causes the huge amount of collisionchecks for even sprites that can never be collided with check if they are colliding..

    I will try and optimize what you have and put comments with it..

    Might take some time though..

  • Thank you so much!

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