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  • I have a bunch of little problem I do not know What or why its doing this and yes I am using chrome preview and only that because it is no where near complete yet.

    First problem Is that Once you go into battle mode which is a layout trying to cut down ammount of draw and event read so to speak. When you click on Item About half the time The bug occurs that some of the UI Bag inventory is on that layout? What the heck ? why ? there is no layer representing the global layer in that layout.

    2nd problem is that when you go to choose the attack the UI for the bag Icon is showing up Again its under layer Portrait and shouldnt be on that layout at all there is no layer telling it suppose to be there

    And what weird is that Ive tried added the layer and do on start to make it invisible for the battle....nope did nothing to change that problem.

    Third problem is that When i use persist behavior on the inventory related object and that bag It would duplicate itself onto the inventory space. After the battle ? What the heck how is that possible there only one instance of it unless if it remember the old and somehow place the old item somewhere else.

    I cannot for the love figure out how to fix this god forsaken problem here the capx of it and you might want to lower your volume the music is quite loud.

    Note to progress the battle back on to the game you need to use the meat that you have collected in the game layout. If you guys cant get the bug to occur then I dunno how else.

    Note it will auto-download. And thank you who ever can figure out. Btw you are welcome to use any code you find in here Im simply making a template at this point.

  • I am not really good with programming but I tried your game out in firefox. It is looking good =] When I was in the battle screen I got the item menu up one time but after that it would never come up again, even after restarting the game. Also hitting run away did not let me run away =[

  • ok! I don't understand what your looking at.

    but I did notice these issues.

    in game play player should be moved to top compared to meat and batterys.

    in inventory items are not aligned to the inventory grid you have setup. batteries are right of backpack view.

    in battle no weapon to use. select meat attack and what is the 3 other ok buttons for?

  • the other ok button are not being used yet They are going to be the digimon attack to which ever you have but atm its was just set to tackle just for testing purposes and atm i was testing out the item usage and the updater for the inventory. they are just placement. And the run away button is not being used yet. I still need to work on end of battle for all condition.

    its still incomplete and the inventory is aligned just pick up the item and you will see it will align to the bag pack tile-map its really cool and you dont need to pick them up in any order.

    The meat is a gift to give to the enemy digimon to win his/her love to have in your party Sort of like pokemon but instead of just battling it and hoping to catch with a pokeball you simply give it items that it may want and would join your party, I will iron those out if it a distraction to you.

    But like i said its still incomplete and right now im working on core working part of the game. Right now I am stuck on getting the game to know to -1 item in the inventory and keep the saved item order but again the main problem is during battle screen where some of the inventory are showing up and the bag from the UI. Please this part is stressing me out and i have no clue to why its even there in the battle mode.

    Please help if anyone can figure out this stupid bug. ?

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  • Well I solve the issue with the bag appearing everwhere. I just deleted it and remade it. Although the inventory item was still there so I just slapped a temporary fix of just making that family invisible Even though its not suppose to be on that layout but oh well,

    If anyone can find out that specific fix id hug you a million times

  • Ok i figure out that if you set any sprite to global It will place itself to the top of the layout's layer. Which happened to be my item layer for using which would make alot of sense. Also this open up a cool feature for UI. Such as this Ive made so many layer on a UI layout that it was now in the 16 layer range.

    So i used the global sprite and added a layer note this layer need to be not layer. Called it Top and left it alone and used family for specific sprite range to turn them visible or not.

    So really all i had to do was add an event for the UI and layer to turn it off once and for all so that it still exist there, but it isnt going to be used. I highly recommend to use this trick instead of using multiple ui layers.

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