How do I fix my Inventory Problem

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  • I think Im doing something wrong here just dunno what? Im trying to get A particular tool to show when left clicking it. It goes to inventory.. Then it changes to another tool for some reason. I don't know why? I think this part is the culprit. Unless it something else. I'm hoping someone can help. Basically when I click an item to pick it up. It displays the wrong item. But the initial item is right on the screen when u run the preview. It just changes when Its clicked

    Edit: Also does the same thing for The item. Tool and item has same problem. Put the object down turns it back to what its suppose to be. (ie left clicking in inventory slot)

  • No one?

  • Do you need the functionality of Nickname, Canvas, and Paster? Not having them means the .capx won't even open.

    If you do need them, could you maybe include a bigger screenshot? this one is Not Readable.

  • When I'm scanning new posts, and there's a title "How do I", I normally just move to the next. You can edit it with the Pencil icon. And yeah if you have an easily usable capx, that would make it easier for people.

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  • I could just make a .capx with that particular part.

    Edit: made the image bigger

  • I could just make a .capx with that particular part. Dunno how to go about making the image bigger tho :/

    If you post a capx, it probably won't matter. It can be a pain to create a capx, but more of a pain for those trying to help

  • Well I changed it. So hopefully people can see whats wrong now. Should be straight forward.

    Edit: I reuploaded to the new one. Should be different now

  • You have the order of frames different between Objects and ObjectsDisp

    Try this


  • What do you mean?

  • The animation frames for Objects (Tool animation) differ from ObjectsDisp (Tool animation) which I assume should be the same. I reordered them, try and see if it's ok.

    PS: You can reduce the "ToolStuff" code down to maybe 1 or 2 lines using an array or 2.

  • You can the the difference between the two here; they need to match in order, at least with the current code.

  • A better idea might be to use the same Sprite for both, and just have an instance variable 'isDisplay' to indicate it's an item displayed in the inventory.

  • "PS: You can reduce the "ToolStuff" code down to maybe 1 or 2 lines using an array or 2."

    Any suggestions on how? I'm a complete noob for the most part

  • Ok that fixed it btw. Changing the frame order. I'm such an idiot :/. Any idea on why the "aluminum" (Brownish thing) is not fitting in the slot right? That's another thing that's swamped me.

    Edit: BTW thank you both with your help.

  • To reduce the object handling code, Have an array (here called, ObjectsArray) that's full of item names, in the same order as the items are in the animation. Then, under Miningstuff, it would go ItemGroup = Mining --> Set ItemFrame to Objects.AnimationFrame and Set ItemName ObjectsArray.Objects.AnimationFrame

    As for why the item isn't in the slot right; the crosshairs in the image editor lets you adjust where the object origin is. It should match up from item to item, but does not.

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