How do I fix collisions, distances and the player twitching

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  • Hi everyone!

    I working on my first endless jumper game, and meet some troubles with collisions and player's twitching after getting a bonuses, and distances between platforms. I've highlighted places with bugs on the events screenshot below.

    So, when the player get one of the two bonuses, occurs following: - "Set Platform Vector Y" and disable collisions with enemies and other bonuses. It works but when the action of bonus ends, and some enemies or bonuses on the screen in this moment - collisions still disabled, and enables only for fresh generated objects. Second problem is player's twitching when he flies with Y-vector "under bonus".

    Also I try to set up distances between two random generated platforms families (look on screenshot please), and it not works for me.

    Any help, advices or critics for my code are welcome

  • After the Wait 3 seconds, you turn off ColbaPower, but you don't re-enable collisions.

    The twitching is probably from constantly setting the vector Y to -1800 (that will happen every tick)

    The distance function may be getting confused if there are multiple Platforms...

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  • Thanks a lot, AllanR collisions are fixed!

    Can you advice me any alternative ways to move the player up? or may be set up vector Y right?

    Is there a solution for confused distance function?

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