How do I make facebook logins in mobile app(exported projec)

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  • hello friends in this forum lot of peoples are there.but no one ever answered my question even the scirra also.

    tell me the solution for facebook logins.

    it is not working after i exported the project.

    before that it is working fine locally.pls help me make facebook login in mobile apps

  • Afaik the scirra facebook plugin does not work on mobile. You have to use a third-party-plugin. I think cranberry has one, I also used ... nnect-2650 with success.

  • Thank you for your reply bro!. i already have the default facebook plugin in my is working only on firefox(in firefox also i need to refresh the page more than twice then only i can able to login via fblogin button).

    in chrome the fblogin button goes to disable mode.i dont know why???

    my question is can i use this default plugin or i need to purchase the new plugin?????

    i want to run my construct 2 project in all mobile platforms.

    it will working in all platforms(ios,android,windows) if i purchase???

    pls help me and solve my issues.

  • As I said, the default plugin doesn't work on mobile. The one I linked you does, as long as you use cordova for export. I personally would avoid any kind of login as long as it is not absolutely necessary! So just out of curiosity, why do you need the login?

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  • Bro i need a login event for players.i provide social logins to play my game.

    for that only i put facebook login in is only working in firefox.after i exported as a cordova project that login button going to disable mode.

    so what i do now.thank you bro

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