Extreme FPS difference (Dropbox)

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  • While making my game I was expecting there to be differences in performance especially mobile vs. desktop.

    I was amazed however, about some things I discovered.

    After exporting my game to HTML5 and putting it on dropbox this happened:

    On my desktop it runs smoothly 60fps as expected. (Browser: Chrome)

    On my brother's iPhone also 60fps is reached, perfect! (Browser: Safari?) (unfortunately the sound only worked the first time he played, but well)

    The trouble starts here:

    On my parent's desktop the game plays at 20fps, while sometimes freezing and only reaching 5fps. (Browser: Chrome)

    The same happens on my brother's desktop. (Browser probably IE)

    On my Samsung galaxy tab:

    • using the standard browser not only does the framerate drop to 4, also the sprites react differently to collision.
    • using chrome the framerate drops to 4 climbs to 20 and hovers inbetween the two all the time.
    • using firefox the framerate is steady between 25 and 28fps.

    I've asked my brother to get the newest videocard drivers for his desktop to see if things run smoother and am waiting for his answer.

    I've been working to optimize my game for mobile, but because these test-results lie so far apart, I've no idea how to check if my further optimizations have any effect.

    I was amazed to see the game running smoothly on the iPhone and it running so terribly on my parent's desktop.

    It would be of very great help to me if people could try this first layout on as many devices as possible and give me the fps value.

    I'm at a loss..

    Here's the link

    Any further recommendations on how to up the performance are ofcourse appreciated. I've read all topics, manual entries and tutorials I could find on the subject, but I might have missed some of the best tips..

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  • I'm having the same drastic difference between Chrome and Firefox, my game prototype is still very light and I get 60 fps on Chrome, and around 15 on Firefox, both updated and using webgl. I'm still testing and looking for a solution, gonna post here if get one.

  • I'm sure you've already had a look at


    I'm running 60 fps on my new Asus laptop - I like the kids-style graphics btw <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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