Exporting for desktop and mobile - using only one export?

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  • Hello,

    I designed my games originally for mobile devices, but want them to be played on desktop as well.

    Thing is, I've got my settings at 'Scale outer' for the export. This is a necessity for mobile.

    Now is it possible to somehow program that when on desktop or not on mobile device, to have the game scale to certain dimensions?

    I only see one way to do it; export two versions. One with Fullscreen in browser to 'Off' and the other to 'Scale outer'.

    So I was wondering if there are other possibilities to prevent having two exports of the game, so they can always be accessed at the same URL.


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  • You want to have a responsive game?

    if yes you have to search tutorial, like this:

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    If you want to check if an user run a project in an android or windows device you can check it with platform info object (if you are using Construct 3) or with System event "Is On Platform" (if you are using Construct 2)

  • Hello,

    Well I already know how to make it responsive across devices, I just want to scale it to a specific fixed size on desktop, using only one export.

    Say I use Scale Outer, and want the game to scale to 540x960 pixels on desktop only. Basically mimmicking Full Screen in Browser: 'Off' setting.

    I saw the; Is on Platform > HTML5 Website > Set Canvas Size, but that doesn't seem to work. Probably because Scale Outer is still applied.


  • Try to use the browser action "set fullscreen type" if is on pc

  • Hi,

    Did you mean 'Set Fullscreen Scaling'? Because that only let's you choose between low and high quality.

    I think I checked all actions, I don't see any actions that I need.

    Or is that action you suggested only available in C3.

    Thanks again.

  • Anyone? Sorry for the bump.

  • scale outer should be able to do the job.

    set Unbounded Scrolling, and the game area will be centered...

    you can add graphics for wider screens on the left and right if you want to fill the available screen.

    this sample works on my desktop, iPhone and iPad:


  • Hello AllanR,

    Thanks for your response.

    But I actually already know how to do all that.. I just want the game to auto-detect if I'm on desktop, and adjust the game's width and height to a fixed size. Simply to make sure it doesn't fill up the whole screen.

    So when the game is accessed on PC, it'll load mysite.com/Game, same URL for mobile. Thing is, like I mentioned, it'll eat up all the space on PC, while that's when I want fixed dimensions. Because on big screens it'll be all blurry!

    Hence I'm asking if there's any way to have the game to detect on which platform you are, without having two versions of the game (due to different export settings) but apparently there aren't any actions available to set the game's dimensions?

    Any ideas?

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