How do I expand my layout upward

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  • when you begin a new layout it puts the margin in the upper left corner.. my project size is something like 600 by 500..

    anyway I am making a platformer and trying to build upward, past my window size but when i got to resize the layout for the height it will always put more room downward......what should i do?

  • You have to move every thing down that's the only solution.

    The reason is that the viewports coordinate system is up side down from what you would expect from a normal coordinate system. (Its like that for all programming languages as far as I know, not only C2).

    So 0,0 is the top left corner







    So when you make the layout bigger it will increase sizes in these directions.

  • see i did that and it cuts everything in half even though im within the layout bar....

  • do i have to move that dotted box?

  • When you add your character and apply ScrollTo, it will sort itself out.

  • [quote:3h2qgnuf]do i have to move that dotted box?

    The dotted box is the view area, and you cant move it during design.

    [quote:3h2qgnuf]When you add your character and apply ScrollTo, it will sort itself out.

    So you would do like this or make a event that keep moving the view to your player.

  • I have 3 levels made so far and have been using the Scroll to Behavior for them...but for this fourth level i decided to want to build i took one of previous levels and messed with ith and then expanded my layout and moved the entire level down....but for some reason it doesnt like it.

  • The big empty space in the view area is that the problem?

    Also you don't need margins that big, it just let you set the blue area around the workspace, where you can place objects during design.

  • it was the parallax, that was causing the issue, i had to adjust to the new location, argggggggggggggggg

  • now the parallax was set at 0,0 before for the UI, not sure where to have it now 206,1063, is the position of the player

  • so yea , adjusted my UI layer from 0,0 to 100, 100 and i can now see it within my window..but it no longer follows me..i guess it has to be at 0,0....

    any ideas?

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  • Parallax is a percentage. It's defaults to 100,100.

    Edit: just make a new game from the platformer-template and see how it works.

  • if 0,0 is the percentage that i need for the UI and I placed my sprites where they need to be, why would they not show up?

  • ... uts/18498/

    this is the game right does not include what im working on now..

  • You don't want 0,0, that means the GUI won't move. Double-check your layers are correct. Sounds like something is on the wrong layer.

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