How do I ensure correct display on multiple platforms?

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  • Hello everybody,

    I've been reading tutorials and blog posts but I haven't been able to fix the way my game is displayed. When I test it on some devices, there is always stuff missing / going wrong.

    I'm using Scale inner and using the Anchor behavior for HUD elements so they always show. However, if the screen on which the game is displayed is too wide, the game "breaks" and nothing shows up properly. Maybe someone with Android /iOS experience can give me a few pointers in order to solve these problems. How have you done it? I just can't wrap my head around it.

  • These are probably obvious but

    Depending on your scale method there is one axis that will always "fit" and the other will be too short.

    You need to ensure that on your layout that you extend that axis.

    Your HUD should be scale 0% and parallel 0,0

    I have never used scale inner I tend to use scale outer or letter box scale.

    You need to test it on various devices to confirm. I use a Sansung S3/S5 vs Nexus 7 and a Samsung Tab.

  • I tried making scale outer but I was missing information. Should I use that and extend my layout beyond the window screen (and it should work?)

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  • Anyone else? If you have any experience, let me know as I'm struggling with this at the moment. I'll appreciate it!

  • Hello everyone, I think I managed to fix this by using Scale outer + scale 0, parallax 0,0. Making sure there is a safe zone outside and small fixed here and there did it for me. If you are reading this thread and need any help, message me.

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