Can Enemy NPCs follow player though teleports/doors?

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  • I have a tile map and I want my player to draw enemies who have line of sight to stop moving in their paths and follow him. If my player was to trigger a teleport object and then be sent to a different part of the layout, could the NPCs and enemies follow him through the door after hes already been repositioned across the tilemap? A bit like a foot chase.

    Also once out of sight with player after teleport, could the enemy AI return to their original paths via the teleport object, avoiding walls and boundaries?

    This is on one layout.


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  • Kind of hard to picture this but I guess my approach would be to do when player teleports, have the enemies that are following find path to the teleporter rather than the player which has now moved. Then when they teleport and move position you can detect line of sight again.

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