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  • And that worked like a charm, thanks again Allan :)

    Anybody knows how to save the coins I collect in game for when I play again I still have them, on an iPhone? Please?

  • Better question: Does anybody know how to stop the system spawning an object when (for example) the character reaches a score of 3000?

    I want that when I reach that score, a boss appears, and he drops mines. But what happens to me is that the system spawns mines even if the boss is not there, its always spamming mines. And setting for the boss to spawn the mine ends up with the mines moving at 360 degrees and not 90 like it want them to. Please help is driving me nuts...

  • Just figured out, but I cant seem to make the dropping of mines while the boss is there endless. He just spawn 1 and thats it :( Any help?

  • Already made something up

    The boss now spawns a precalculated number of mines using the wait - create combo :)

  • Bump: Anybody knows how to save the coins I collect in game for when I play again I still have them? Please?

  • You can use Webstorage

  • I tried with WebStorage but it isnt clear at all. Compared to the rest of Construct 2 is a pain to use. Any other way?

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  • I tried with webstorage again but it isnt clear.

    Could someone be so kind post the stuff I need to save the coins I pick during play so I have them for the next time I play the app? Please?

  • I think you can add a web storage.

    Check to see if local key exist. The local key would be the Var you create for the coins) Name: coins Text Display: COINS

    In Layout Add webstorage.

    EVENT = webstorage

    ACTION= System - set value (Choose your var "coins) - int(WebStorage.LocalValue("coins"))

    I think that's correct. If not I'm sorry it's been a while....

    Good Luck

  • ALLMarkMade I did this:

    Event: WebStorage - Local Key Exists "Coins"

    Action: System - set value - int(WebStorage.LocalValue("coins"))

    But now it doesnt show in game how many coins I collected. I think it doesnt work.

    This is my weak point. I need help please.

  • I managed to do it thanks to But I'm uncertain if it works because when I restart the browser it loses all the coins from the previous run. Is this normal? Its supposed to happen like this on a browser and work fine on iOS?

  • - give a minute I'm going to send you a video I found on how to do something similar that I think will get you there...

    one moment

  • - I PM'd you that should do the trick....

  • Sorry for the late late response. I been very busy in other aspects to my life plus I needed a break and some social life. I managed to add a lot of stuff to the game thanks to your video. HighScore, save coins, etc... thanks a lot. That why I like this forums. Thanks ALLMarkMade! :)

  • Hello guys and gals. I progressed a lot on my endless runners adding layers and turning them visible when my character hits certain scores. But I can figure out any way to "turn off"/freeze/stop other layers until my character overlaps their current background. So when the player "arrives" to the next layer, the layer he was on gets destroyed/disappears and the new one activates. Any help please?

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