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  • How can I repay you? It worked, and I could made my way to have it reset when it arrives at the next platform. Its funny how he reaches things... head first but I will figure it out. Now I have something to work on. Really, really grateful.

  • Here is my latest capx to show in what state Im in and if somebody could learn something from it (hopefully). I need help for setting the character straight (in a normal position after he comes from a planet, on the actual planet is supposed (by mistake but looks cool as soon as I can launch him after one spin)

    Also, what notable difference did you noticed when you upgraded?


  • Rotate the player sprite in the editor so it is at this angle : <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49548363/playersprite.png" border="0" />

    That should have the player upright at all times.

    Also you can set layout angle to angle(player.x,player.y,planet.x,planet.y)-90 to have the actual layout rotate which looks fun, if you wanted.

  • Thanks a lot :) Will try the layout angle

  • Project is good and steady :)

    Made changes to the character and some mechanics. Work never ends it seems...

  • Im trying to figure out how to make this. The character is always hungry and need to keep eating stuff to maintain its health, otherwise it will deplete over time.

    Made a variable called health

    set health to 5

    each time player hits an enemy adds +1 to health

    after every 20 seconds subtracts 1 to health

    if health = 0 reset game

    But it doesnt work. Any help please?

  • I assume you are using the "Is overlapping" logic when the player hits an enemy.

    Whenever the player hits an enemy, and adds 1 to health, every tick it will add 1 to health if you have not added a condition to the logic. So the player could be hitting the enemy for 10 ticks before it is done hitting the enemy, causing the health value to be higher than intentionally calculating.

    You should add "Trigger once while true" in order to stop this from occurring inside your games logic.

    Or, you could always use the more simple route:

    Player -> On collision -> Enemy -> Subtract 1 from Health

    The above only fires once when true.

    You could create a text object, and set the text to your current health value (if you had not done so already), it is great for debugging practices.

  • Sorry for the late responde. I made it thanks a lot. I always tend to use Collide since it was the only thing in GameSalad. Now I will start more often with the overlap.

    One thing I dont know is the location of "Trigger once while true". Looked everywhere but I cant find. Where is that?

  • It's a system condition. system trigger once.

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  • Ok Finally thanks a lot. Shameful, but I didnt found it. I have another question though:

    How can I make an object rotate around another object? Like a fly rotating around a planet in a clock-wise rotation? Seems way to hard for me.

  • Still trying to rotate a character around a planet (like its moving on the surface) but I cant do it... tried with rotate (but its spin more like rotate), with bullet, with rotate around angle,,, but nothing. Any help please?

  • Loom up squidsters gravity based rotating platformer example

  • I know that tutorial, I translated it to Spanish :)

    But doesnt show what I want, how to rotate a sprite around another sprite. Been trying without luck, its driving me mad...

  • If anybody can help me, as of now, I think I tried every way possible :(

  • Im sarting to realize it isnt possible...

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