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  • it's not that it's not possible, just that it's a little tricky to do if someone hasn't made a plugin for it. Check out this Math for rotating one point around another: http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2012/11/24/GameDev-math-recipes-Rotating-one-point-around-another-point.aspx

  • Jayjay That is definitely what I am looking for. Will try to convert the logic to Construct 2 and make a tutorial for you all. In a few days.

  • glad to hear! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> and ah that'd really help people out thanks!

  • Just had a look I think is doable :)

  • LOL, the AppStore just approved my earlier - super early - version of my game made with GameSalad. If anyone has a iOS device and want to try it, can ask for one.

  • Can I spawn a layout inside another layout? So when I overlap the spawner it spawns another pre-made "level" or layer. Can this be done?

  • Just make the layer visible

  • Setting it after this one, invisible, and toggle visible by a boolean?

    Im trying to figure out how to change scenery like iOS endless runners, seamlessly, without having to change to other layouts or make the character reappear elsewhere.

    Also, almost bought the full product but Im reading that exporting to iOS with CocoonJS is a pain. Is this really suited to develop for iOS????

  • Just went through all tutorials on CocoonJS and its simpler than I thought... already bought the license :)

    Can somebody help me with randoms? I try for the system to choose a layout at the beginning but all I found are random for instance, not for a boolean. Any help please?

  • What do you mean by "random for instance, not for a boolean" ?

    If you want to have a random layout being executed make sure your layouts are named with a word and then a number (ex: MyLayout1, MyLayout2, MyLayout3, ...) and use the system action "Go to layout by name"

    "MyLayout" & int(random(MaxNumberOfLayouts + 1))

    Be sure to have a look at the system expressions manual article and even the system conditions and actions to know what tools you are given with C2 ^^

  • This is another reason I bought Construct 2 over other engines: amazing forum support with links and all things. Thank you Kyatric, sometimes we miss the simplest stuff. :)

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  • Wow, setting the app to run on an iPhone its extremely simple with Construct 2 and CocoonJS. I I can test on my iPhone without AppStore approval. So happy with my purchase :)

  • Back to work... how can I spawn a background after the one that is currently moving when my character scores 3000 points? Please?

  • I would set a global variable "Level" or something like that, then increment it when you get to the desired score (3000, 6000, 9000, etc.)

    then add sub events to the section that spawns the background, when level=1, create the first background, level=2, create the next one, etc...

  • Thanks AllanR, much appreciated. Will try that now :)

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