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  • Is there some way to enable/disable a behaviour of a group of objects that belong to a layer in one only action. For example, disable "drag and drop" of 10 different objects that are all in the same layer in one action, not one by one. Families dont work for this in my case because in each layout the group of objects to enable/disable the behaviour is different and there would be many families to create.

    It would be great for me something like:

    If event -> System: Ignore objects in Layer (2)


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  • EDIT:

    Sorry, I haven't worked with the drag and drop behavior that much and I think my advice was unhelpful as a result as there are no dragdrop "events" necessary to initiate the dragging.

    I think families are your best bet. You shouldn't need to create more than one unless the objects you're draggign/dropping aren't all sprites as the family should be able to be all inclusive I think. I'm not sure how behavior triggers and actions work with families because I can't make an example capx with the free version of Construct. But when you want to disable the behavior you should try adding a "family is on layer X" condition with a dragdrop "family - set dragdrop disabled" action.

    Again, sorry I started off on the wrong track, if I could help you more with families I would.

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