How do I enable and disable a bullet based on instances

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  • I have 2 blocks. If you click on either block it becomes a "Wall" (Sets an instance variable to 1). Bullets are fired at these walls. When they collide they test if the "Wall" variable is on.

    Single click a cube: Wall Variable set to 1 = bullet is disabled

    Double click the cube: Wall Variable set to 0 = bullet is enabled

    Here is the problem.: First click one wall to set the variable to 1 (will change color to verify it happened). Watch the bullets become disabled when they contact that wall. Now double click the wall, the Bullets do not re-enable. They stay still.

    I tired setting an "is overlapping" condition where if a bullet was overlapping a Wall variable that was = 0 then it would re-enable, but that ends up affecting all the instances. So if one cube had that condition as true then it would force all the bullets to respect it.

    How can I tell the bullets that are disabled that when they are overlapping a cube that no longer has a Wall variable of 1 they can continue moving again? Hopeful that makes sense..?.?.? I Attached my capX

  • Is this what you were looking for?

    You have to pick the cube the matches the variable condition you are checking.

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  • Hey! That looks like it's just what I needed. I'll have to research the "Pick" options more diligently, Thanks for the response! This should work great once I place it back into my full game code.

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