How do I enable a button on one layout from another

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  • For example, my idea is that when the player picks up a page item on the game level, they can go the page layout/menu, which if the page was picked up, would enable a button, that when clicked will bring up a problem for them to solve. This is meant to happen with 5 pages, so 5 buttons should be enabled.

    I was using a global (and tried an instance variable as well), where on collision with the page item, add 1 to the variable, then if the variable is equal to 1, enable button 1, if it's 2, enable button 2 and so on.

    My problem is this isn't working, the buttons don't change their state at all for me. Is there any way to do this? This (and the sprite question I asked) are the current only serious problems I'm having with my development.

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