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  • Hi Constructors,

    I was dabbling with Ejecta as a wrapper for my game. I notice when I export it to certain i-devices I'll get black bars along the top and bottom. Previously, I published a game using Cocoon JS which exported everything at full screen. So, any i-device was taking advantage of the entire screen with my Cocoon exported app. I made my backgrounds bigger so it also work using Cocoon Js.

    Using Ejecta it appears to force my app to align at center of the screen and fills in black bars top and bottom (my app is landscape oriented). I don't want the black bars and I would rather align top and left and play at fullscreen as what Cocoon appeared to do. Where can I edit this so Ejecta treats my project this same way? Is it in the info.plist using xcode? Or do I edit this in a .js file from Construct 2?

    As a test, I also exported my current app with Cocoon, and it works the way I like, but performance is much better with Ejecta. I also exported to Adobe Phonegap. Phonegap experience was absolutely awful and crashes at loading screen.

    So, balancing out the export options, Ejecta wins in performance, Cocoon wins as far "looking" the way I designed it.

    I've looked at the tutorials, and looked through the forums. I didn't see this topic come up yet. I'm not a coder, so if you have any thoughts that are technical, it is appreciated if you explain like I'm 5.

  • That's what letterbox scale mode does. CocoonJS doesn't support letterbox scale so falls back to scale outer. Just choose scale outer if you want the same on other platforms.

  • Thanks Ashley,

    SOLVED. I kept staring at my old cocoon export files and was trying to match the settings to my ejecta file. Alas, I forgot about the Cocoon JS export quirk.

    An update to the export note - I just tested my ejecta export vs. my cocoon export on an iphone 4. I'm making a storybook, each layout is a page. Using Ejecta, it really slows down when I go to a new layout page, Cocoon is faster when jumping to different layouts/pages. So, I was mistaken about performance in my earlier post. These notes probably should be in another thread though, just updating.

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  • Have you ever seen "missing plist key". That is my only error then I can release my game to I-device.

    If u can help that would be great!!

  • Hi DDurant,

    I'm going to make the assumption you are using Cocoon's wrapper.

    My past experience using Cocoon's wrapper usually results in a few wonky errors such as missing splash pngs and plist errors while in Xcode. I was updating my app last night to the app store and ran into the same message you got. There is a way to tweak it, but I didn't bother. I ignored the messages and I got around it.

    Try the following:

    -Open your xcode project from the cocoon zip file. (Make sure it is an xcode file version you haven't tweaked.)

    -When you open your xcode project set the top scheme to "IOS device" - in other words, make sure you are not simulating a device or you can't do the next step.

    -Now, click "Product" up top

    -Click "archive"

    -Hopefully you will get a "build succeeded" message. After that the next window should pop up. Click on "Validate".

    After doing that you might be able to get around some of your errors and get a green check mark. You should be good to go and submit to the app store.

    Summary: Even after starting with 2 errors I got a successful validation by starting the archive process and store submission.

    Let me know if it works. Good luck.

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