How do I make efficient coop keyboard controls?

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  • I'm working on a small coop game that uses just the keyboard.

    Player 1 will use WASD and player 2 will use the numpad.

    The players are in a family with a platform family behavior, they also have a variable to ID which player is P1 and P2.

    What I have been trying to do is reduce the amount of redundant events by having 1 set of control events for both players and using keycode variables to determine which key is pressed.

    However this makes both players move regardless of whose keys are pressed. Neither of them have default controls set either.

    How would i go about assigning the correct key presses to the correct player object?

    I feel like i'm close but just can't quite get there.

    Is there a way to do this or should I just copy and paste the events twice and change the player object?

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