How do I easily bring touch support to a mouse only game.

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  • Hi there,

    So I'm in the process of swapping out an extensive number of mouse click events with touch events. this is tedious and certainly prone to bugs.

    I was just wondering if there wasn't some kind of systematic way to replace all.. kind of a "find all / replace".. or some kind of override..

    like "every time a touch is made, count it as a click"

    I'm not sure this is possible, but I at least wanted to pose the question for anyone out there who might know an answer or lay to rest my question and for others who might have a similar situation



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  • If you use the Touch object, by default the option to use mouse input is selected.

    I don't generally even use the mouse input unless I would need access to the right and middle buttons.

    To answer if there is a quick way to go from Mouse inputs to touch, I don't know of a way beside going through each one and replacing it. Sorry.

  • yea noob mistake on my part... i used mouse object.

    The untangling is tedious, but it's coming along well enough.. i learned a lot in this project..

    my 2nd project I did it right (using touch) ArcadEd Thanks for confirming thought.. its a pain in the ass, but the lesson is taken in stride



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