How do I earn money from Analytics plugin ?

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  • Hi. Today I received a mail from . They offer a new way to earn money , they said that they are collecting where the users go shopping and We earn money $ from those collected information.

    • Is this a new way to earn money ? This is my first time I heard that we can earn money if user use our apps without poping ads. If it is true, can I believe on that site ? >.<
    • Is there other ways to earn money like above site ( user use or download apps and turn on the Analytics and we earn money from collecting user's data ) ? I saw a lot of people using Analytics plugins in their app, but I really don't know what purposes.

    Thank you for helps !

  • its not a new way... thats how most websites make their money... analytics basically its a type of information that tells you what your clients like, do and want... if you know those things... you can make money... its like a insight of the market... for example : thats why google is worth billions... we all use googles engine... google knows everything we do... not necessarily knowing our names.. but knows that some areas in some countries likes eating pudding... so they place ads of pudding in that IP address area... in other parts they like to eat beef jerky and they advertise it there... and so on and so forth ... they now sell ads spaces on their market etc... thats how internet worked from very beginning, its nothing new...

    if you ever asked yourself how some websites that dont have ads and dont sell their own products make money(like the websites where you sell your stuff... but they dont charge you anything?)(ie. olx[dot]ro)... then the answer is simple... they track what you buy and sell and what is it that you like hate etc... and sells that information to advertising companies... that builds and updates their market information... and then sell their ads to other businesses that wants to advertise their products or activity... now they are plenty of sides of analytics and the advertising business but this is what stays at the core of it... the most simple structure existing...

    we also use analytics in games... for example... on a app - you have users that like the gameplay but hate the blood and gore..on other app - they like that you have items on sale and that they are not expensive... now on your next app you know what to avoid and what to do so it gets a more balanced and fine tuned selling product.

    analytics is basically another way of forcing people to tell you what they a poll vote or a questionnaire but without an actual consent.(the consent comes from the terms of agreements when they choose to accept it using your app).

    there is plenty of information out on analytics and cookies and tracking scripts ... but thats another story

    now how you convert the info into cash... dont know... i have no clue where you can sell it... but im guessing the website you said its one of those buyers... which pays you not even close to the real price... but hey its an extra coin you can bring from your apps...

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  • It's super cool ! Thank you so much. Now I understood how it works.

    I love to makes free mobile games with ads only , now I can earn extra money from collecting data of users.

    It would be great if someone have experience can share some relieable website which buy those collected data or where I can start with it.

  • qngnht well hoq industries is one of the companies that buys those type of analytics... all you need to do is to implement their api and your good to go

    i find this article very helpful

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