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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to create a fairly simple "DJ" application (using NodeWebKit and the Audio plugin) that allows the user to load sound files from their local computer and then play them back. Essentially there are 24 buttons and each button can have a sound added to it, set the sound to loop or play once, and then hit the button to play the sound.

    Am I correct that the current Audio plugin can only use sounds that are imported in Construct2 prior to export? Does anyone know of any way to accomplish the above with the current version of the audio plugin?


  • Update: I am able to load the file path through NodeWebKit (open dialogue box) into a String and then I can use the Base64 audio plugin to play this file.

    However, this is very limited and won't really work for this application. I need to be able to utilized the advanced audio features and provide controls for volume, panning, looping, and other effects.

    Any ideas or is this not possible with the current Audio Plugin?

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