Distorted sound effects on IOS - Music playing just fine

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  • Hello,

    When testing my game on desktop/Chrome, the audio works fine.

    But when testing on my iPhone 5 SE, using Safari or Chrome, the music runs fine, but the audio effects are distorted and very low in volume. While on desktop it has normal volume and sounds just fine.

    I've tried all kinds of things, but I'm unsure what is causing the problem.

    My iPhone runs other audio effects from other games just fine. I was wondering if bitrate could be the problem. The sound effects have a bitrate of 1411 KBPS and are less than a second long.

    I've no clue where to look for anymore.

    I tried playing the sound effect on trigger once, or on touch end.


  • OK so apparently some particular audio effects aren't heard on iPhone's because the sounds are distorted. On Android these audio effects work perfectly. I suspect it has to do with the converted to .m4a files by Construct 2.

    Is it possible C2 is the cause? When I play the .m4a files from the exported project on a desktop PC they also sound distorted, slightly less than on the iPhones.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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  • You can try converting the sfx to m4a files yourself using Audacity. Then after you export the project, remove the exported sfx files and copy in the ones you made. Test 44khz vs 48khz m4a files to see if it makes a difference.

  • Hey,

    Yeah I already compared them. I used Goldwave to export from .wav to .m4a. The .m4a sound effects sound exactly the same as when converted by C2. So it's no difference.

    I find this issue really puzzling. It's almost as if.. I don't know.. these specific effects are 'out of range' when converted to .m4a and played on iPhone.

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