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  • Hi all. Is there any way so that I can display a custom rectangular part of an image by defining the coordinates of the sub-rectangle ?

    For example, suppose that I have a sprite with dimensions 100x1000 that it contains a landscape and I want to have a viewport of 100x100 where I will start displaying the original image by moving from left to right 1 pixel at a time.


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  • You'll want to look into masking. There's an example in the C2 examples folder which should help you.

  • Thanks for replying. I searched the examples but could not find something related. Could you please be more specific ?

  • Hi again, could someone please send some more information about masking ?

    Thank you.

  • nobody ? at least someone to reply if it's possible or not, so that I try to find some other solution.

  • I have never tried these out but, check in with your Scirra example files. There should be an example titled "Blend modes". Peek into that and see if that is what your looking for. Actually, now I think you can access that Blend mode template when you click to add a new file in those example options. Hopefully that will help you out.

  • Thanks a lot ! It's a different approach compared to viewport I have been using until now to traditional development but I think it will solve my problem.

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