How do I display "game over" screen.

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  • As the title suggests I want to make a game over screen in the "on collision with" area. It is set so when I press "R" it resets also I have set up the game over screen on Paint.NET. So how do I get it to display the game over screen (it is set up so when a "ghost" collides with the player it's game over.

    Please help this is my first project and I am using the beginners tutorial.

    Thanks!! :D

  • Hi IpwnUall,

    Welcome to C2

    One of the ways to achieve what you want is to add a new layer (game over layer) and set the layers initial visibility to invisible (you will find visibility option in the layer properties window).

    You can then place all of your game over elements (screen, reset or quit buttons etc.) on that layer.

    Then set up an event to make that layer visible once your game over event occurs (e.g. when your ghost collides with the player).

    Hope that helps :)

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  • Thanks, this was a handy tip!

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