How do I display large amount of data in a proper way

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  • Hi everyone. Currently I am programming on a space economy sim and now after getting my mind around arrays and how they work I am facing another challenge.

    The Question is: how do I display large amounts of data in a proper way like a table with clickable cells.

    For example: I have 14 differ space stations 5 of each kind.

    Now what I want to achieve is a list view first of all station kinds. On click I want to show all stations of this kind on click on a station I want to show detail information for this station. Like coordinates, Storage, Products. All those values are saved in arrays so the selection should be no problem. But what I cant find is a proper way to display those. In html/php/MySQL I would do it with a simple table. But what is the right way to do it in construct? I’ve experimented a little with lists or text elements but what I am missing is some kind of ID or something so when I click on a text item I can give an “id” of a row in an array to which the program shows details.

    I am thankful for any thoughts on this.



  • Wouldn't using instance variables work for that?

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  • Sorry LittleStain, i dont understand... i am using instance variables, but i am looking for a good way to display those data... its really more about interface design...


  • So you have that data in array?

    Create instance variable called unique id so when you click the station it captures the id. Pass that id to a function that grabs the data from array.

    So many ways to display it. There are 3rd party plugins that can make it look like a excel spreadsheet, you can make your own cells with text boxes...

    All in all, it depends.

    Have a look it this...C2 data editor

    He has a capx with a bunch of useful functions

    You can do something similiar.

    this is the search, but you can have it fill with info based on your own inputs (unique id)


    The capx was to demonstrate fetching/searching the data that the software handles.

    It is pretty impressive, a little pricey, but you will learn something and it will save you time. Win / Win.

    Note: this is a piece of software to create complicated data... arrays / dictionary sets.

    I like this dictionaries with arrays inside as deep as you want to go.

    For a simple example


    Station1 "Array"

    Station2 "Array"


    He also gives a Capx with built in functions to allow you to retrieve and edit that data. Lots of work went into this tool. Nice to have if you are doing massive data projects.

  • DUTOIT thank you very much! that helps a lot! ive got it now, building with text cells!

    For the data editor: i will definetly buy it, just wanted to figure the stuff out before

    Next step is to put everything in a scrollable menu

    LittleStain now i also got what you meant with instance variables



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