Display JSON data at 1 second interval

  • I have a series of data in a JSON file. How do I display that data at 1 second intervals on-screen?

    In the capx, I am looping through and setting each property to a text box, however, the entire contents of the JSON file is displayed in a flash. I inserted a system wait, however, I don't get the pause I expected...

    When the capx runs, the looping is so fast that only the last values of the entire JSON are displayed:

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  • It's not as easy as it seems.. Normally you add delays in loops using loopindex expression, but "JSON for each property" loop doesn't support loopindex, and JSON.CurrentKey/CurrentValue are not available after Wait.

    So the only solution I could think of is to load all keys and values into a temporary array and then do this:

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