How do I disable an every tick condition?

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  • Hey,

    The plan was to make it so, every time I clicked, the Sprite2 moved in a parabola to targets x and y. I'm sure I overcomplicated things with all these instance variables (I'd appreciate if someone told me an easier way), but it kind of worked in the end. The Sprite2 does move in a parabola once I click, but it keeps going down past the target location.

    Seems like it's because the every tick action doesn't stop once the mv_pgs (movement progress) gets to 1, as when I displayed the variable, it kept increasing. Thus, how would I fix that?

    Thank you really much for any help given.

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  • Floating point math can have rounding errors, so there is no guarantee the value is exactly 1.0. Change event 31 to mv_pgs <= 1 and use Else to reset, rather than event 33.

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