Dealing with sprite edge flickering artifacts

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  • Hi,

    My problem is the "flickering line" artifact around sprites.

    I know that you should leave one pixel of empty space around your sprites. Sometimes that alone does not always work when you resize your objects a lot. Leaving a lot more empty space around the sprite seems to works somewhat.

    However, if I want the two objects to look like they connect to each other seeminglessly, leaving that empty space around the sprite doesn't seem to be an option. It always looks like there is a small gap between the objects, even though if you observe the size and position of the pixels of the objects, there should be no empty space between the pixels that are drawn. It seems like letting the sprites overlap one another a bit helps with this issue.

    My problem is that when I use normalmap extended 2 plugin you can't really let the normalmaps overlap because that will create double lighting effect and looks bad.

    Can you give any advice on how to avoid or fix these issues?

  • You haven't shown a screenshot, but I would hazard a guess that this blog post explains exactly what's happening and how to solve it in Construct.

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  • Yes, that's pretty much it. Thanks.

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